tailored to meet customers needs

We are proud to be producing the highest quality product for customers globally.  Our product range includes beef, lamb, mutton, veal & goat and are tailored to suit our customer’s needs.

Grass Fed

“It begins with our most treasured ingredient”

100% grass fed, free range and living as animals should! New Zealand’s temperate climate allows our sheep and cattle to live outside all year-round, promoting better animal welfare.

Partnering with farmers who understand the ethos of 100% free range grass fed farming systems mean we have full traceability and can categorically claim to be antibiotic, hormone & GMO free on all our products.

Our product


100% grass fed

No antibiotics or hormones and GMO free

Halal certified

Full of life traceability

Our animals are given the ideal natural environment in which to grow ensuring exceptional quality, consistency & year-round supply.

Our range of grass-fed beef and lamb can be processed to your exact specifications, to ensure a memorable taste experience and the perfect starting point for your culinary journey.

“An enduring


that is New Zealand”


“An environment without comparison”

Whilst we are very proud of our farming heritage and can boast to be among the most environmentally friendly farmers on the planet, we know that there is always more that we can do, and we are actively working to understand our environmental footprint so we can continue to lead and innovate in this space.

Keep an eye out for our future plans as we continue to develop and accelerate our sustainable and regenerative agricultural practises.